Neil and I have been married for 30 years. We have two children who are now working and have moved away from home. Both have got married in recent years, so we know all about the practicalities of getting married!

We moved from Guildford to Woodbridge a few years ago. The landscape is very different here but we have come to love estuary and coastal walks as much as those in the rolling hills of Surrey.

Moving house and leaving good friends behind is just one of the challenges that we have faced in our 30 years of marriage. Others have been having children, illness, too much work, lack of work and just a lack of understanding!

No couple is immune from challenges but through the marriage preparation course we try to help couples build a strong foundation for their marriages, equipping them with means to communicate effectively so they are better equipped to face challenges when they come along.

We have loved getting to know many couples over the years and hope that we may meet you soon on one of our courses.



Amanda and Neil Clayton


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