What our couples think.


We love to hear from couples who have attended one of our courses. Below are a few comments and testimonials we’ve received from some of our recent couples.

If you’ve taken part in All out for Love: The Marriage Preparation Course and would like to give your testimony or feedback, please do get in touch!

"The marriage prep course we completed with Neil and Amanda was at the time, and still is, a great help to our relationship. 

The discussions we had (privately) not only allowed us to think about aspects of our future that we may not have done but gave us the opportunity to discuss them safely. 

The course is solely aimed at your relationship, there’s no outside influences or pressures. It really does give you the time to focus on you both and how to strengthen your relationship long term. 

The fact we aren’t regular attendees at church (or at all really if we are honest) didn’t matter, we were made to feel so welcome by Neil and Amanda.

We are so appreciative of their time and everything that the course has done for us.’’

Lauren and Jamie (Spring 2017)

"We really enjoyed and benefited from the Marriage Prep course led by Neil and Amanda. The platform was perfect as it was really laid back, and gave a great opportunity to explore some issues we hadn’t dealt with before. What I found most useful was it meant we discussed some areas of our characters that we probably wouldn’t have done otherwise, or might have only done during a confrontation, which is the wrong time. It allowed us to be open and honest with each other, without feeling guilty about doing so.


Neil and Amanda – and the support materials / video – led the course with discretion and tact, and were never trying to impress an example upon us – all contributions were valued equally, and most discussions were held privately between the couples anyway. We felt more ‘tuned in’ to each other after the course, and the socialising, new friends and enjoying food and brownies together was great too! We would encourage any couple to take the course, and thank Neil, Amanda and team for their time."


Karl & Sarah Fowler (Spring 2013)

"It has to be said, as Ollie and I aren’t weekly (or very often at all) church goers, we were very nervous as to what this was all going to entail. We were apprehensive that it would be telling us that we were wrong for not going to church every Sunday, or that we must read the Bible word by word etc. but in reality, it wasn’t like that one little bit, we absolutely loved it. Neil and Amanda are so welcoming and make you feel so relaxed (the chocolate brownie definitely helps). We truly looked forward to our Tuesday evenings. Every week it made us really think about our relationship, and were able to talk about the silly little issues (and the bigger ones) that we hadn’t talked about before. But calmly and rationally and I can honestly say, we still use the techniques. We liked it so much, and the hosts. We are having Neil and Amanda perform our blessing for us as we feel they are important to the start of our marriage."

Kayleigh Whipps (Spring 2013)